Wednesday, January 23, 2013

MTC - Week 1 "Total Immersion"

Its crazy to think that just last week at this time I would be going into the MTC in just one hour!!!!! That was probably the longest day of my life!!!! probably the first three were actually! I'll admit the first couple days I didnt think I would make it! I just kept thinking ohhhh no what did I get myself into!!!!!! But everyone says make till Sunday and youll be good!!! Thats the truth! I love it here!!! I am still reaching for my cell phone every once in a while but you know what they say 21 days breaks a habit!! haha.

It is kinda hmmmm....sucky to wake up at 6:30 everymorning and leave your room while its still dark. But we are getting used to it...kinda. We have to walk up 4 flights of stairs to get to our classroom on the 5th floor. on the 3rd floor there is a window in the stairwell facing Provo and its an amazing view of the mountains. We have a hard time not stopping to look out it to see the outside world!!

I love my companion she is from Sterling, Utah. I love all of the Hermamans in my district and we are all going to Fort Lauderdale which they say is very rare! All of the Elders are going to Fresno. We are the first district ever to have more Hermanas than Elders! We are also the first district to be on the six week program. Everyone else who came beofre us has been on the 6 + 3. Which is basically our 6 week program only they get 3 weeks of review. Pretty lucky!

On our first day we walked into class our teacher only spoke spanish and thats how it has been ever since! They call it total immersion. It was pretty hard to get used to! We were all shocked and little scared!! Our teachers name is Hermano Orme and we all love him! He is the BEST!!! Every day we have 9+ hours of class, always in the same class room but I am really starting to not mind it! I am finally starting to understand spanish y there are some words that are total implemented in my brain in espanol. I dont know if I'll ever say them in english again! The 6 of us girls in my district made a goal to only speak spanish starting after lunch! That starts tomorrow! I am a little nervous!

We have already taught our investagator Lenin 3 times. In espanol of course! the first two times were a disaster. We had no idea what to say or ever how to say it! For our first lesson my companera thought it would be a good idea to start off by singing "I am a child of God" I was so nervous I was laughing the whole time we....more like she was singing. I was laughing so hard I was crying! I was embaressed to say the least!

After our second lesson that also didnt go so well we all began venting to Hermano Orme about how hard spanish was and how we were never going to be able to do it! He began speaking to us in english (thank goodness) and he taught us an amazing lesson. He said doubt and fear CAN NOT coexist! We need to have faith in the Lord. Have faith in the atonement. Have faith that if we trust Jesucristo and try our best He WILL make up the rest! We need to forget our frustration and remember that we are not here to learn spanish we are here to bring others to Christ!! Or in Elder Bednars words: "GET OVER YOURSELF!! Its not about YOU! Its about Him and the people!"Hermano Orme said that if we have doubt or fear we can not have Christ light because we are in the darkeness. He said we are in the cave of doubt. and the only light is outside of the cave. The light that comes from the sun/SON!!!

Guess what our third lesson went amazing!!! We trusted Christ! The gift of tongues is real al long as you work for it and have faith!

Shoot well my time is up!!! I love you and miss you so much! Its best to write letters or use which is same day delivery because I cant get on ,y email till Wednesdays!!! ALL MY LOVE FOREVER AND EVER!!!

Hermana Miranda Paige Koutz!!!!!!

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